Do you run your own studio?

I don’t. I have my own mixing room, and a very nice mobile recording setup with great microphones and preamps, or we can rent a studio for your recordings. Basically, I’m a free-lance soundguy, which means I can work for anyone in any situation 🙂

Are you An online mixing service? A producer?

Yes. No. Maybe. We can work form different locations in the universe if you’re connected to the interweb. I will compress and squash your drums tracks without your permission. I will probably try to get rid of this bass slap chorus you sent me. Is that being a producer? Let me know what you’d need, I’ll do it with passion and adventure.

Let's talk money! How much do you charge?

It all depends on you and your project! How many tracks? Total length? How many days do we need to record your songs? How many days do we go on tour? Does my wife have enough shoes in her wardrobe? I try to keep my fee as decent as possible, so write me or call me, and we’ll figure out something nice. Please note I’m quite involved in the DIY scene, that should ring a bell in your mind 😉

When mixing, do you use analog hardware or ITB plugins?

Both. Your music will be carefully treated, I promess. I have a nice selection of hardware processors from top notch Universal Audio to geeky DIY stuff, and some of the best plugins available at Waves, UAD2, Slate Digital, Brainworx, etc…
Write me or call if you want a full list, I’m a gear-nut, I could discuss gear for hours.

Do you use ProTools?

Yes, right now, I’m using ProTools 12. Soon ProTools 13, then 14, maybe 15.

What should be done before I send the tracks?

– Cleaning. Cleaning involves checking each track individually for clicks and pops, all musical considerations including editing, and cross fades. All volumes and clip gains set to zero, no processing at all.
– Clean tracks should be consolidated into one continuous file starting at bar one, beat one or start time of 00:00:00
– All essential (i.e. special effect) plug-ins should be printed to another track.
– Name all audio files appropriately (ex: KICK, SNARE TOP, BASS, GTR1 GTR2, etc…).
– ProTools sessions are welcomed. All audio files should be treated as above and unused audio files/playlists cleaned
-Include Bpm-tempo information.

This cleaning can take up to three hours per song depending on the arrangement. Those cleaning services are essential, but it takes time. For artists that are not comfortable with these tasks, I can perform them for an additional fee.

Do you do free of charge test mixes?

I don’t, sorry.

I just can’t sample quality in roughly one hour. When you send me a track, I want to spend all the time it takes to make it sound right, and I can’t do this for free.

You’ll find some examples of my work in the “Listen” section.
However, I’m sure we can agree on a very affordable deal for one song: it won’t ruin you, will make me happy to get to work, and in the end, you get’ll the real thing – I think it’s a win-win.