mixedbyolivier | Olivier Cancellieri - Son Live
Mixed by Olivier - Son live. Clients : requin chagrin, quetzal snakes, hifiklub, midi festival
requin chagrin, quetzal snakes, hifiklub, hfklb, midi festival
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I do a lot of live sound for a living. Front-of-house, monitors; no matter what, I really enjoy it. You can bring me on tour, I am very nice and funny, I am a very clean and polite person (BUT I can definitely enter the tour-bus burping contest if you need a real challenger), I can help carrying the gear, I can help driving the van and I can have beers when it’s party time. Oh and yes, I get the job nicely done.

Je fais aussi énormément de son live, façade, retours, peu importe ce dont vous aurez besoin: j’adore ça! Vous pouvez m’emmener en tournée, je suis très poli et très propre, et accessoirement je m’occupe bien de votre son.

Requin Chagrin

Quetzal Snakes


MIDI Festival